Monday, March 4, 2013

Update on my Ugly Fan

      In an effort to reach the goal I set for myself,  I have been on the search for a chandelier to replace that ugly fan in my bedroom.  Here is what I am working with:

1.  The ceilings in the room are 8ft, so I am a bit restricted in my choices. 
2.  I don't want it to be too feminine because I want the master bedroom to be a retreat for my husband as well.  
3.  I am working with existing lighting that I love--a brass floor lamp between two chairs in a nook on one side of the room and two bedside lamps made of old iron fragments that still have a little bit of creamy paint still on them on the other side.  
One of two beside lamps

Brass lamp

Very amateur photo of my bedroom.  You can see where the new fixture will go.
 I know that the height of the chandelier is important.  I don't ever want anyone (and by anyone I mean my dear, sweet husband who is almost 6'2") to bang their head on it and curse my name!  I am also really open to the design of it and the materials used to make it.  I tend to favor an eclectic room.   I went to my two favorite sources--Circa Lighting and Currey and Company and here are a few options that I have found...
1.  Dark Iron and Silk

2. Silvery Gold with Shades

3. Old Wood with Iron

4. Iron and Gold Lattice Drum

5. Beaded with Gold Accents

6. Gold/Brass Six Arm Wide

7. Gold/Brass Six Arm Narrow
I really like them all, but I think I know what I a leaning towards.  Which one would you vote for?