Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

     I want to show you another one of my favorite before and afters.  I love this one because it was a surprise!  Isn't that fun!  The homeowner wanted this to be a gift for his wife.  She took the children away for a week for spring break, which gave me the perfect opportunity to get to work.  This is an older home and as you know with older homes, the rooms are usually small and the closets are even smaller.  Storage was an issue.  The little door on the right of the after photo was the only closet in their bedroom.  I had the room paneled and painted a creamy white.  I also had a closet system designed for the wall opposite the bed.  (I wish I had a photo of the new built-ins, but I don't.)  I draped the wall behind the bed which adds a little softness to the room.  Sconces eliminated a need for bedside lamps, freeing up space on the bedside table.  It is still a small room, but we maximized on space and charm and now, it feels like a retreat.  



Closet Built-in Drawing     

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