Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gerrie Bremermann

     Gerrie Bremermann is one of my favorite designers.  She has had an influence in shaping how I feel and think about design.  I first discovered her in that amazing magazine I miss so much, Southern Accents, where she was often featured.

     In New Orleans Living Magazine, there is a wonderful article about her that you can find here.  Her thoughts about decorating are very similar to mine.  Here are a few highlights from that article... 

     “With a decorator, you make a plan that may happen in a year or over many years. If you incorporate things dear to you and buy the very best furniture, accessories and art, you will not tire of them. They will make a statement about your taste for a long time,” said Bremermann. 

Hallmarks in a Gerrie Bremermann project include:
• Comfortable furniture. “I always say: ‘Have furniture you, your family and guests can actually sit in and on. No little chairs one has to perch on!’ Even my small tables are weighted, stable and not something that will go over with a swat.”
(Make sure you are using every square inch of your house!)
• Modern art. “I love contemporary art mixed with antiques. … I believe in supporting local artists; we have so much talent in this city.”     (I feel the same way!  I love our local artists!)

• Mirrors, chandeliers and candlelight; elements that add glitter, glow and soften a room.  (Every room needs a little sparkle!)

• Collections that appear to have been gathered over many years of interesting travel.  (Yes!!  Purchase things you love and will enjoy for years to come.)

• Scented candles. Nothing overwhelming; a pleasant fragrance that calms and soothes.  (I agree--My favorite candle right now is  from LAFCO .  The scents are amazing.  They are fairly pricey, but I love that you can reuse the beautiful containers for glassware.  Great colors.  Perfect for margaritas!)

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