Saturday, March 23, 2013


     I love traveling!  Especially when, from time to time, my husband's business takes us to some fabulous hotel.   I really LOVE it when that happens!!  I want to share two of my very favorite places with you.   These two hotels launched remodeling projects in our own home.   I love to be in a place that inspires me creatively.  I think it may also be the simplicity that makes me feel so good.  I have always said that I wish my house could feel like a vacation home.  Simple, clean, beautiful, with just the necessities--What a way to live!


First~ is the Bowery Hotel in New York City.  

I fell in love with this spot on Bowery Street that is just off the beaten path.  It is warm and welcoming and I hardly want to leave it once I am there.  Just look at how you are first greeted!

The lobby of the Bowery Hotel.

Second~ The Breakers in Palm Beach

     Walking into our hotel room at The Breakers is a memory I will never forget.  The room was gorgeous but it was the view that stole the show.  The ocean was a little rough that day and the waves were crashing against the breakers.  It was such a beautiful contrast of wild unrestrained nature literally bumping up against the lovely refinement of our room.

First impression of The Breakers!

 The lobby of The Breakers.


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