Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kitchen Love

     Did anyone see the advertisement for Bilotta Kitchens in the latest edition of Traditional Home?  I was thumbing through my magazine while I was getting my hair cut and this kitchen ad really caught my eye.  I kept turning back to it again and again, noticing more detail each time.  The quality of this photo is not the best, but I want you to notice all of the amazing things this kitchen has to offer.  Here is what stands out to me:  
1.  The fabulous green stove  2.  The beautiful painted hardwood floors  3.  The skirted sink  4.  The crisp white wall of cabinetry  5.  The reclaimed style island and sink.
     This kitchen is such a great example of why opposites attract.   It is a harmonious marriage of light and dark, soft and hard, old and new...A real treat for the eyes!

(There is also a wonderful article on a great Nashville family, Jeff and Lori Orr.  Their house is beautiful!)

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