Friday, February 15, 2013

Upholstered Walls

     I love upholstered walls.  They add so much warmth and depth to a room.  That is the look I had in mind in my own bedroom.  I wanted it to have a cocoon like feel.  I ran across the fabric I wanted to use and started looking for someone to do the labor.  I learned quickly that it can take a bite out of your budget.  

Carolina Herrera
Through my quest for info I found out about this wonderful method of having fabric backed with paper.  It can then be applied like wallpaper.  How fabulous is that!  I located a place in California that did it for a nominal fee per yard.  My wallpaper guy slapped it up on the walls and now, 5 years later, I still adore it!  
David Webb by Peter Penoyer and Katie Ridder

Adding nailhead trim would just be the extra icing on the cake...if you like icing!
Amazing detail

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