Saturday, February 16, 2013

U...G...L...Y...and I Ain't Got No Alibi

It's ugly!  
     Do you have something in your house you have been meaning to fix or replace that has been there for so long you no longer see it?  We have been living in our house for nearly eight years. When we bought it,  I loved everything about it.  I told my husband that there was nothing I wanted to change.  At the time, I really meant it!  Since then, we have remodeled almost every square inch and I get reminded often of that declaration I made eight years ago.  When we moved in, though, there was something that needed to go...the ceiling fan in our master bedroom.  Through all of the renovations and electricians in and out of our house--guess what still remains?  The ugly ceiling fan.  Isn't that interesting?  Is there something that you have been walking by daily that you mean to update or fix, but you can't see it anymore?  I challenge you to open your eyes to what you have been neglecting--that thing in your house (or for that matter your own body or your poor spouse)--It doesn't need to be a huge, expensive update--just one item that has been needing attention.  If you do accept my challenge, send me a before and after photo so I can celebrate with you!
     I am allowing myself one month to take care of that dang ceiling fan.  I'll keep you posted...

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