Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I want to show you something...

....the contents of the "Design Inspiration" folder on my desktop.  I love those little blue folders.  They are so helpful and can keep your computer screen so tidy.  This particular folder is a collection of photographs that I saved because they were either inspiration for a client's project or for my own house.  I never want to copy the work of someone else, but I do think that we draw inspiration from beauty.   Great design is beautiful and fosters creativity.  I hope you are inspired as well.  Enjoy!

The first two photos were ideas for my own house.  I have a fireplace that I want to change.  I love both of these looks.  Very different, but equally stunning.

I love this covered area!   I wanted to do this in our backyard until I found out how much it would cost. Back porch vs. two years of college tuition.  Hmm.....  I can still dream, though.

This was inspiration for a client's bathroom.  So glamorous!  I love every detail, 
especially the floating vanity.

 Inspiration for a teen boy's bedroom.  These rooms are so masculine and handsome.  
I'll post later on what we ended up going with for this client.  The headboard is made of stainless steel and iron welded together.  I can't wait to show you a photo!

Here we have the polar opposite... Teen age girl's room, soft, pretty, and very feminine.
(I want to do the bulletin board in my home office.)  

I am currently helping a client with her kitchen remodel.  She is putting in a coffee/wet bar and I thought these were two good examples as far as layout goes of what could be done in the space given.

Kitchen island inspiration.  So many options.  So beautiful.

 I was helping a client come up with options for displaying dishes in her dining room.  She did not have much depth in her space.

I wish I had the sources for all of these photos.  I would love to give credit to the designers.  Some of them have been in that folder for so long, I lost track of where I found them.  My apologies!

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