Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Paint Colors

I have a mental block with names of paint colors.  People ask me all the time for a "go to color" and I ALWAYS draw a blank.  What in the world is up with that?  It is what I do.  I have many times called my dear friend and next door neighbor, who has an uncanny ability to remember those pesky names to see if she can jog my memory.  The only color name I can actually remember, happens to be all over my house and is one of my all time favorites...String by Farrow and Ball.  I have used it in all strengths.  Full, half, and quarter strength.  In case you did not know, you can vary the strength of a color at the paint store.  Let them know what you want and they will mix it right up for you.  For those of you in the Nashville area, the guy at the Porter Paints in Brentwood has the patience of Job and is happy to work with you until you get the perfect color!  What a gem! (He's maybe like an emerald green gem!)

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