Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let's Have A Party!

All Photos Via Pinterest
     Do you sometimes feel like you need a good kick in the pants to help you get things accomplished?  I can let projects in my house lay around for days...weeks...months....forever!  Sometimes the best inspiration to get things together, whether it is finally having those drapes made or organizing your pantry, is to host something.  There is nothing like a graduation party, the company Christmas party, or a baby shower to help get you focused.  The thought of having people in your house that know you, but don't really know you,  can really get you motivated.  Deadlines are always a good thing to have, whether you are working with a contractor, designer, landscaper, etc...  It helps them and you get organized and see your project to completion.  Something more pressing can and will come up for them and you will be left on the back burner--not because you are not important to them, you are just more flexible with your project time.  If you don't have a natural deadline, have a party!

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