Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Little Switcharoo...

    Well, I did it again.  Really, how in the world does my husband put up with me?  I guess when it comes to decorating I am a restless soul.   I am a tweaker.  There is always something newer and better out there.  He is a tweaker, too.  Only, he does it with music.  He tried to do it with me, but that did not work out very well!  (Just kidding)  I think I have finally done it, though.  I have finished my foyer.  The new console table fits the long narrow space so much better.  I found it at Southeastern Salvage here in Nashville for next to nothing.  The antique chest that was in the foyer before was moved into the next room.  I love that chest and I think it loves its new space.

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