Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One of my favorite things!

     When I got married, twenty-one years ago, Rivers and I loaded up on furniture from our parents' and grandparents' attics.  Because we are both first born and the first ones to marry in our families, we hit the jackpot!  (I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of our siblings for raiding the roost and not leaving much for you.  I'm so sorry!  Call me later and we can work through any bitter feelings you might still have.)  We were able to furnish a two bedroom apartment without having to buy one thing.  Pretty amazing? Yes!  Was it cute? Not really.  We had zero money in the decorating budget.  But, it was our first home and I loved it!  I was so thankful for Great Aunt Helen's quilted sofa, Papa and Gan's first dining set with the Hinkley chairs, and my parents' oak washstand that served as our bedside chest.  As the years passed, so did a lot of that furniture.  Eventually, I found myself trying to decide what to do about a chair that had belonged to Granny.  I wasn't ready to let it go, but it did not seem to fit anywhere.  It was headed for the attic, when a need arose.  My daughter CiCi needed a chair in her room, but there was no way this one would work in its current state.  My wheels started to turn.  What if…What if we reupholstered it with a really cute girly fabric.  What if we PAINTED it???  Oh my goodness--I was so excited!!  My plan became a reality and I tell you---I think it is my favorite thing in the whole house!  

This is exactly what the chair looked like before. 

This is CiCi's chair now.  

 Here is a close up of the chair detail.

     So, what's the moral of the story?  1. Don't be greedy and take everything from your parents' and grandparents' attics.  2.  Don't pass on an ugly duckling.  If you like the lines and overall design of something, it can be made new and fresh with a little paint and fabric.

Monday, March 3, 2014

I just can't help myself!

     I'll tell you what, my sweet husband has the patience of Job when it comes to decorating our house.  I am fortunate that he has a creative brain and appreciates a beautiful home.  I asked him a year ago if I could redo our foyer.  He stared at me with a blank look on his face and said, "Haven't you already redone the foyer three times now?"  I nodded and said yes I had.  1. One coat of paint.  2. One treatment of Venetian plaster in an orange.  3. One treatment of Venetian plaster in cream.  Three times.  He asked me to table it for one year.  As I was patiently waiting for my time period to expire, I thought back over my decisions to do what I had in that room.  Paint was an inexpensive and easy way to freshen the foyer--but it was just too dull, so I chose the Venetian plaster.  It was very popular a few years ago, but my house is very traditional and the plaster was really out of place,  especially the orange.  It also competed with the wall paper in the bathroom and the paint treatment in the music room.  So, I lightened it.  It still competed and was out of place.  I had made a mistake.  I finally came to the realization that adding to the wainscoting that was already there would my best and final option--A paneled foyer.  After the year was up, I broached the subject again.  I explained my reasoning and he understood.  He gave me the green light.  I contacted Shaun Rawlings of Heritage Custom Woodworking,  a very talented guy who can do just about anything out of wood or metal.  He did a marvelous job and even matched the existing trim.  It melds beautifully with the rest of our house and looks as if it has always been there.   Most people won't even notice I have done anything--but I know.  I love it and truly will never change it.
I love how this chest just jumps out at you now!

You can see a bit of the powder room paper.  With nothing to fight it, it is highlighted.

Shaun matched all of the trim perfectly!

Yes, that is a Christmas wreath still hanging in the window above my sink!