Friday, April 5, 2013

Get Organized

     If you are thinking about remodeling a space, one of the first people I would call, after calling a designer (wink wink) is a personal organizer.  When we decided to remodel our kitchen, I discovered that I was more of a fan of "form" than "function."  I wanted it to look pretty.  Since this was my one shot for a new kitchen, I knew I had to get it right.  No regrets!  I began talking to a cabinet maker and we decided on a layout.  During demolition, we took all of the old cabinetry out.  When the upper cabinets were removed, my once dark kitchen all of a sudden was filled with light.  I knew at that point that I would not be putting any upper cabinetry back in.  So, yikes, round two of planning began.  With no uppers, I knew that I would have to make the most of all of the base cabinets.  I started getting a little scared.  The new kitchen had to be more functional than the old one.  The cabinet maker and I quickly worked on the plans--remember, at this point, we had no kitchen!  Once I had a mock-up blueprint for my kitchen I called my good friend Vicki Manning, who just so happens to be a personal organizer, to run things by her.  With the plan in hand, we took stock of my entire kitchen and found a home for everything.  It was then that form and function collided.  We came up with the perfect plan.  We had to tweak a few more things on the blueprint, but what I ended up with is a kitchen that I love.  I wouldn't change anything about it.

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